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Back to back

digital design
Yingge Museum International Artists Residency Center

Working in close association Ken, artist and Studio Technician of Yingge Museum International Artists Residency Center, In-Flexions used a Kinect infrared projector and camera to record, track and interpret the hand gestures of the artist during the throwing process. These gestures were transformed in real-time into a three dimensional graphic landscape on the designer’s computer screen. Finally these three dimensional landscapes were converted into graphic icons and motifs and milled with a cnc machine into the bases of the same bisque platters.

The title ‘Back to Back’ refers to collaborative DJ practices in electronic and house music clubs. A team of DJs act like a tag team, and various dance sets may include live harmonic mixing and re-mixing of tracks, which may be repeated, and spiced up with a higher tempo or a whole different foundation.  As a student, Brument engaged in DJ & VJ activities, and this interest in the creation of hybrid processes which ‘mix’ both the hand and digital tools is evident in most of his projects.

Text by Wendy Gers

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