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Cutting Edge

digital design
Yingge Museum International Artists Residency Center

Cutting Edges focuses on customising existing digital tools as a means of creating new ways to design or modify objects. This implies a shift from conceiving unique objects to developing interactive systems where end-users can produce their own object.

Cutting Edges aims to allow the public to easily ‘design’ a plate collection using a template on a tablet. The parameters that may be customized on the tablet include the number of plates in the collection, the width and breadth of the upper (smallest) and lowest (largest) plates. The tablet calculates the incremental graduations in size between the individual elements. A digital cnc machine enables the plates in this collection to be ‘cut out’ from standard slip-cast porcelain blanks designed by In-Flexions. The slip-cast blank plates are characterized by a textured base which was developed by a CAD design, and engraved into a plaster mould with a cnc machine.

Text by Wendy Gers

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