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digital design
Yingge Museum International Artists Residency Center

This work draws upon investigations into glaze conductivity for electronics. Sensors in the glaze detect the electrical capacitance of the human touch and the lamp (which consists of an integrated string of fine led lights) turns on and off in a rotary manner. The lighting of the lamp occurs gradually, by moving the fingers along the rim of the inner bowl, from what would be the eastern cardinal point to the western cardinal point on a hypothetical compass face. This gesture recalls the cycle of the day, as well as an eclipse of an astral body.

This tactile lamp is characterized by collaborative production methods. Local ceramics Master, Chan Guo-xiang made the large exterior lamp recipient. Ken made the central element, whose surface was subsequently milled with a cnc machine to obtain an undulating texture. With assistance from the Yingge Museum International Artists Residency Center, the ceramic elements were fired in a local factory. In-Flexions undertook the soldering of electronic circuit boards and programmed the device.

Text by Wendy Gers

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